Welcome to My Keto Home!  My goal in creating My Keto Home is to present accurate, straightforward information and share simple, delicious recipes to start you on your way to living a healthier lifestyle.


On a FaceTime call in 2017, our daughter, Amy, couldn’t stop talking about her new keto diet. After a breast cancer diagnosis in 2013, she’s done a ton of research into lifestyle changes that may well provide protection against recurrence.  Keto is at the top of her list.  At that moment, my husband, Mike and I decided to jump on the keto train, if only for moral support.  After seeing dramatic improvements in our health, I sat down with Amy and her husband, Andrew, to talk about creating a website for sharing our experiences.  Reviewing the stacks of books, websites, and podcasts about the keto craze left me dazed and confused.

After reaching and maintaining our desired weight, Mike and I transitioned to a modified keto/low-carb diet.  We now include whole grains, legumes, and additional fruits and vegetables, while staying below 100 net carbs per day.  That’s allowed us to maintain our weight, and balance nutrition.  And it’s made my food-scientist husband, Mike, and our son the doctor, very happy.

While I still have much to learn about the science of health and nutrition, I’ve discovered strategies that make my keto/low-carb lifestyle simple and sustainable. I can say the results have been nothing short of mind-blowing. Thank goodness I have lots of resources. Trust me, if a carboholic like me can do it, so can you.