My southern mama taught me how to make simple syrup when I was quite young. She loved her sweet tea, and told me stirring sugar into tea after it was brewed wasn’t open for discussion. The southern way is the only way: equal parts boiling water and table sugar (sucrose). Yep, that’s one cup sugar for one cup boiling water. You simply stir in the sugar into the boiling water until it’s completely dissolved, but get this: One cup of simple syrup contains 775 calories and 200 carbs! Not going to fit into a keto or low-carb lifestyle.

In Mama’s kitchen, she was the boss, and rightly so. Day after day she created phenomenal meals and deliciously sweet desserts, feeding eleven on a tight budget. I miss her every day, and I sure do miss her cooking.  

With the advent of natural sugar-free sweeteners and their availability to consumers, cocktails, tea, coffee, lemonade, etc. can be sweetened without using sugary syrup, making it the perfect sweetener on a low-carb or keto diet. We buy Truvia in bulk – a large box containing 300 packets.

To make Keto simple syrup, add Truvia to boiling or very hot water and stir. If you plan on using the simple syrup right away, you can skip the addition of xanthan gum. Can’t get any easier. If you’re not using within a week or two, add 1/8th teaspoon of xanthan gum (keto-friendly thickening agent) to make sure the Truvia stays in solution longer. 

Distilled water doesn’t contain impurities that may trigger crystallization, so if you want to make a larger batch with plenty of leftover syrup, pick up a gallon at the grocery store.

I use Truvia sweetener because it tastes more like cane sugar than erythritol alone. Truvia is a combination of erythritol and stevia. This is a zero calorie, zero carb syrup.

Simple syrup is an essential bar ingredient, perfect for making all kinds of cocktails. Try our Gin Gimlets, or Mike’s Killer Margaritas using this simple syrup recipe. Sweetens hot or iced tea, coffee, fresh lemonade, or any drink that needs a little more sweetness. To make amazing Keto infused syrups, simply add mint, basil, rosemary, or your favorite citrus rind.

Truvia Simple Syrup

Use this zero-carb keto simple syrup in tea, coffee, lemonade or your favorite cocktails. Adds sweetness without the sugar! Can be infused with your favorite herbs or citrus rinds.

  • 1 cup water
  • 7 tbsp Truvia
  • ⅛ tsp xanthan gum
  1. In glass container, microwave one cup of water until very hot or boiling. The hotter the water, the quicker the Truvia goes into solution. Stir or whisk in Truvia until completely dissolved. Add xanthan gum and stir until dissolved. If you are using the syrup within a day or two, you can skip the xanthan gum (prevents crystallization). To infuse the syrup with spices, herbs, rinds, etc., add to syrup. Let cool before using.

  2. Store in air-tight container in refrigerator.

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