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The keto diet is all about your health and proper nutrition. Keto is life, and we want you to know that your health revolves around the foods you eat, and how you make them.

When Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer, it came as a complete shock because by anyone’s standards, she was healthy. She eats well, she exercises regularly, and she stays active.

While consulting with her physicians, it came as a surprise that her nutrition health was lacking because she just didn’t know about good healthy eating habits. It’s hard to know about good health if no one explains it in a way that makes sense.

This is where the keto diet came into our lives. We didn’t know that carbohydrates are very complex sugars. All the bread, cake, crackers and more will break down into sugar. Too much sugar, and your body is going to revolt in some form or another.

When Amy discovered these dietary problems, she also learned that good eating habits, which are far different from what we’ve all been told, can actually prevent cancer, and other crippling diseases.

Please help us make your home a keto home. Let’s build the largest online recipe book for all things keto. We want you to share your keto recipes here.

Thank you!